TUC ‘No to Austerity’ march


On Sunday 4th October I joined over 60,000 Trade Unionists and supporters to march through the streets of Manchester to say no to austerity and yes to workers’ rights.

The atmosphere was exhilarating with thousands of people carrying placards and banners, peacefully showing their opposition to this Tory Government and their cuts which hit the hardest in society.

We saw speeches from TUC General Secretary Francis O’Grady, various Trade Union General Secretaries, Guardian columnist Owen Jones and we had live entertainment from singer Billy Bragg.

Throughout the march I joined friends and colleagues from CWU, GMB, Unison, Unite and Usdaw unions and everyone was in high spirits and ready to show their protest to the cuts.

3-250x150.jpg TUC-Rally-1-250x150.jpg TUC-Rally-2-250x150.jpg