Supporting Amir Khan’s Foundation With Aid For Syrian refugees

I was honoured to support Amir Khan’s Foundation and others who came together to organise an aid relief convoy to the Greece border for Syrian refugees.

I visited one of their aid drop off locations with Muhammad Abubaker Sarwar at the Polish and Glow in Manchester to help load trucks with food and supplies and was delighted to see North West young people come together to the immediate need of those most vulnerable.

It is heartening to see EU countries opening up their borders to help people fleeing conflict and persecution.  Stepping up to humanity’s call is one of the founding principles of the EU as its very purpose was to bring about peace after wartime.

I am, however, disappointed that David Cameron’s response to the refugee crisis has been relatively meagre.  His promise of taking in 20,000 refugees over the next five years, whilst welcome, is poor compared to Germany which looks to accept 500,000 every year.

I urge all families across the North West to do their bit to help in this time of need and desperation. We would want and expect others to do the same for us in the name of our common humanity.