Pakistan Parade 2015


It was great to attend this year’s Pakistan Parade as hundreds of people, dressed in green to commemorate the Pakistani flag, walked through Manchester’s Asian hub, the curry mile.

With lively entertainment, music and singing, the Parade was a joyous way to mark Pakistan’s Independence as well as the culture and achievements of a community that has contributed significantly to Britain.

Pakistani’s across the North West have made inroads into a number of fields and professions, including doctors, surgeons, lawyers, teachers, academics and more.  Integration is no easy feat for any minority group and challenges of racism and xenophobia still abound.  But efforts towards understanding, togetherness and peace are powerful.  Through celebrating our differences and working together, there is much we can achieve.

It was good to see some familiar faces at the Parade, including Greater Manchester’s Interim Mayor, Tony Lloyd, Oldham Mayor, Ateeque Ur Rehman, Jeff Smith MP, Yasmin Qureshi MP and more join the occasion.