Multifaith Iftar 2015


Afzal Khan MEP with Bishop David Walker and Revd Falak Sher

With the month of Ramadan falling in June this year, Muslims across the world are fasting 17+ hours a day as they go without food from dawn until dusk.


Although this may sound tiring, Ramadan is also a time of community festivity and celebration as communities come together to break their fasts in the evening (Iftar), traditionally broken with dates.

This year, the Faith Network for Manchester (FN4M) and the Muslim Jewish Forum (MJF) co-hosted a multifaith Iftar at the Manchester Multifaith Centre.

It was wonderful to see people of all faiths and none come together to experience Ramadan and guests included the Lord Mayor of Manchester, Cllr Paul Murphy OBE, the Lady Mayoress and the Bishop of Manchester the Rt Rev David Walker.

Speakers included representatives of Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Baha’i and Hindu faiths.

Through the continued work of multi-faith, community organisations such as FN4M and MJF, I hope that our communities will continue to strengthen, bond and work together.  In all my experience as a community cohesion advocate of 25 years, I have always found that diversity enriches and strengthens a society rather than subtracts from it.  This Iftar was a wonderful way of showcasing our unity amongst diversity.