Martin Howe

“In the brave new world where we face a  soft or hard Brexit, where the US President elect is unpredictable and where future trading markets are unclear, there is a critical need for SMEs to have a strong voice in the thinking and policies of the Labour Party. Businesses are rocked by the scourge of uncertainty and are seriously hampered by a disorganised government that has taken a leap in the dark with no plan and no torch to show us the way ahead. 

Labour does shine a light for SMEs and SME4Labour will continue to work closely with the Party to ensure that the challenges we all face are not only quickly identified but are also resolved with practical solutions.  We will campaign for fair financial deals for SMEs,  for safe working conditions and for fair rights for workers. The recent exposure of sharp bank practices putting their own commercial interests before the interests of us as SME customers is a scandal. We will campaign for full and proper compensation for businesses damaged by unacceptable banking practices that have loaded SMEs with unfair excessive charges and inappropriate impenetrable financial products that have tipped many good businesses over the edge with enormous consequential losses. SME4Labour will not stand idly by whilst City slickers continue to grow fat on the suffering of SMEs. We will hold all in authority to account.”

Martin Howe is a member of SME4Labour’s executive committee and is the senior and managing partner of Howe+Co solicitors which he founded in 1991