Labour MP Bill Esterson Welcomes Free Christmas Parking

Bill Estserson

Sefton Central Labour MP Bill Esterson has welcomed Labour-run Sefton Council's free festive parking initiative which is designed to help local businesses.


The Labour leader of Sefton Council, Cllr Peter Dowd, delivered an early Christmas present for shoppers and businesses with the introduction of a series of free parking incentives.

In a bid to boost business across the borough, Sefton Council has made it free to park all day in its car parks and 'on-street' parking spaces each Saturday until Christmas.

Park and ride services are also free all day on Saturdays.

As well as this, Sefton will also make it free to park in its car parks and 'on-street' parking spaces after 3pm on Thursday, December 12 and 19. Park and ride services will also be free after 3pm on these Thursdays.

Sefton Central Labour MP Bill Esterson praised the controlling Sefton Labour Group for taking action to support our struggling local businesses.

Bill said: "Times are tough for our local businesses. Christmas is make or break for many of them. These are businesses that employ people from right here in our communities. Who contribute to our local economy. That is why I applaud the Labour Group in Sefton for taking the lead and introducing this free parking scheme in the run up to Christmas.

"Many people complain that they are put off from shopping because of the cost of parking.

"Now there really is no excuse not to use our fantastic local businesses throughout Sefton. They really are the best places to get your Christmas shopping."

Sefton's Labour Group organised the free parking and park and ride scheme to coincide with Small Business Saturday.

Bill said: "Small Business Saturday is an initiative that was originally launched in America and which is specifically designed to give a boost to local small businesses.

"It aims to reintroduce people to their excellent local shops and businesses.

"Small Business Saturday is an initiative that Labour's Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna brought over from the States and he is encouraging businesses and communities to get involved.

"I welcome any initiative that supports our local businesses and that is exactly what Labour nationally and right here in Sefton is aiming to do.

"So please support our local businesses this Christmas and take advantage of Sefton's excellent free parking scheme."