Deputy Leadership Candidate Tom Watson MP joins Afzal for Q&A


I was a huge pleasure to welcome Deputy Leadership candidate, Tom Watson MP, to the Irish World Heritage Centre to meet North West members and supporters.

It was a fantastic event with attendees travelling from right across the North West to meet with Tom and listen to his views.

We had a wonderful array of questions and it was great to see Tom speak so passionately and candidly on a range of issues including Palestine, Immigration, Kashmir, BME representation within the Labour Party, disability rights and what Tom’s priorities would be in his first 100 days as Deputy Leader.

He asked me to pass on his thanks to everyone who attended and said he will take on board what members said their priorities were during the Q&A part.

I’m supporting Tom because I believe he is the right person to lead our party after our recent defeat and I hope he can count on your support too.

Tom has a history of not shying away from the hard issues and has led campaigns against the Murdock empire and historic child abuse.

Tom’s vision is to rebuild the party from the grassroots up, to listen to activists on the ground, keep knocking on the doors week in week out and work right across the country not just in Westminster.