Chi Onwurah MP

“SMEs are vital to our economy, making up 99.2% of all private sector businesses in the U.K. and employing 14.4 million people. With such a large portion of the population being connected to SMEs, it is essential that the needs of SMEs are met in Parliament.

“The Labour party has long been a supporter of small and medium size enterprises. These businesses are active contributors to our society and directly impact so many lives in the UK. They are the lifeblood of the economy, accounting for almost half of private sector turnover.  They are key innovators and their success is fundamental to achieving the jobs and growth we all desperately need to see back in our economy.

“In Government, the Tories have stifled SMEs with their damaging austerity agenda, taking demand out of the economy and stripping the wealth of our communities. SMEs cannot flourish without the support of Government – something the Tories have failed to do. Labour will unite with SMEs to fight for a healthier economy and I’m grateful for the work of SME4Labour in connecting small and medium businesses with our party.”

Chi Onwurah is MP for Newcastle-upon-Tyne Central