2nd SME4Labour Gala and Labour Excellence Awards


Held at the Park Lane Sheraton Hotel in Piccadilly, the event was attended by over 400 guest. This included over 60 Labour MPs and peers, including several members of the shadow cabinet. They were joined by mayors, local councillors and other members of the Labour family, alongside trade union leaders and distinguished figures from the business community.

The evening’s keynote speech was delivered by Rebecca Long-Bailey MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Ms. Long-Bailey emphasised the Labour Party’s commitment to building an economy that works for all, before presenting the award for Shadow Cabinet Member of the Year to Angela Rayner MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Education. (For the shortlists and winners of each category, please see below.)

Other speakers included Bill Esterson MP, Shadow Minister for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy; Iain McNicol, General Secretary of the Labour Party; Stephen Kinnock MP; and Tim Roache, General Secretary of the GMB; all of whom praised SME4Labours work in promoting the interests of small and medium sized enterprises and the self employed.  

Although not in attendance, Jeremy Corbyn. Leader of the Labour Party, sent this message of support:

"SME4 Labour provides small businesses with a way to have their voices heard, which are too often drowned out by larger companies and corporations. I’d like to thank and congratulate my colleagues in the SME4 Labour team for their contribution to an economic policy that works for the many, not the few."

Speaking at the awards, Ibrahim Dogus, Co-Chairman of SME4Labour, said:

“When we win, SMEs and the self-employed will be at the heart of Labour’s programme, because they mean so much to the future prosperity of the country. I am delighted that SME4Labour is playing its part. We have exciting plans for next year, and I hope you will join with us.” (for the full version of the speech please click here.)

The event was kindly sponsored by First Premier, Bira London, Cobra Beer and Cheviot Capital.

Presenters of the event were Cllr Aysha Raza of London Borough of Ealing and Author, NHS Campaigner and Disability Spokesperson Jos Bell. 

Entertainment was provided by musician Paul Stanworth, accompanied by Andrew Hyldon, and singer Hadis Ayoubi, accompanied by her band.

For more photos please click here.

SME4Labours new annual report can be found here.



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Labour PPC of the Year Award

Sophie Cook - WINNER

Cllr Danny Hackett

Cllr Teresa Murray

Cllr Liz Savage

Laween Atroshi

Fiona Dent


Labour Parliamentary Assistant of the Year

Calum Mulligan, PA for Stephen Kinnock MP - WINNER

Dominic Moffitt, PA for Virendra Sharma MP

Stuart Drakes, PA for Joan Ryan MP

Ish Osamor, PA for Kate Osamor MP


Socialist Society of the Year

SERA - Labour's Environment Campaign - WINNER

London Young Labour

Labour Movement for Europe


Friends Group of the Year

Sikhs for Labour - WINNER

Africans for Labour

Labour friends of India


Labour Assembly Member of the Year

Unmesh Desai AM - WINNER

Jeannette Arnold AM

Andrew Dismore AM

Joanne McCartney AM

Fiona Twycross AM


Affiliated Trade Union of the Year


Fire Brigades Union (FBU)

Transport Salaried Staffs Association (TSSA)

Community Union


Labour Councillor of the Year

Cllr Parvez Ahmed - WINNER

Cllr Kevin Craig - WINNER

Cllr Jennie Mosley - WINNER

Cllr Aysha Raza

Cllr Sam Tarry

Cllr Mary Durcan

Cllr Dora Dixon

Cllr Damien Egan

Cllr Kate Osborne

Cllr Mohammed Bakhtiar

Cllr Jagjit Singh

Cllr Kashif Haroon


Labour Council of the Year

Preston City - WINNER

Brighton & Hove City

Oxford City

Nottingham City



Constituency Labour Party of the Year

Knowsley CLP - WINNER

Kensington CLP

Canterbury CLP

Battersea CLP

Croydon Central CLP

Aberavon CLP

Newcastle-under-Lyme CLP

Vauxhall CLP


Labour Peer of the Year

Baroness Janet Royall - WINNER

Baroness Angela Smith

Lord Waheed Ali


Labour MP of the Year

Luciana Berger MP - WINNER

Mary Creagh MP

Carolyn Harris MP

Rt Hon George Howarth MP

Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP

Rosie Duffield MP


Shadow Cabinet Member of the Year

Angela Rayner MP - WINNER

Rt Hon George Howarth MP

Diane Abbott MP

Rebecca Long-Bailey MP

Andrew Gwynne MP

Rt Hon Keir Starmer MP QC