Our Mission

SMEs for Labour seeks to strengthen relations between the small, medium, micro, owner and family run businesses with the Labour Party

We support constructive and informed discussion within the Labour movement on issues impacting on SMEs

We work closely with trade unions, employers’ groups and individuals, encouraging strong partnerships and collaboration

We organise meetings for Labour Parliamentarians and others, so that a greater understanding of the challenges faced by SMEs can be gained

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Held at the River Bank Park Plaza hotel in Lambeth, the event was attended by over 400 guests. This included over 60 Labour MPs and peers, including several members of the shadow cabinet. They were joined by assembly members, mayors, local councillors and other members of the Labour family, alongside... Read more

Jo Stevens MP's Message of Support for SME4Labour 3rd Anniversary Gala

Small businesses are vitally important part of our communities, and Labour administrations at every level are committed to working with small businesses and supporting them to grow. SME4Labour does a fantastic job championing local businesses up and down the country, and is a strong voice for small business in the... Read more

Seema Malhotra MP's Message of Support for SME4Labour 3rd Anniversary Gala

''SMEs for Labour is a powerful voice both inside and outside Parliament championing the needs of small businesses. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and play an essential role in local communities in promoting cohesion and driving local economic growth. I am proud to support SMEs for Labour,... Read more

Steve McCabe MP's Message of Support for SME4Labour 3rd Anniversary Gala

“SME4Labour does a wonderful job in recognising the importance of small, micro and family run businesses in our economy and in strengthening the links between these businesses and the Labour Party and the wider Labour movement.  It is an excellent organisation” Read more

James Frith MP's Message of Support for SME4Labour 3rd Anniversary Gala

'SME4Labour does important work developing and supporting Labour’s commitment to small businesses. If we are to ensure Labour’s deep commitment to public service investment this starts with the support for our small businesses and entrepreneurs. SME4Labour makes a brilliant case for Labour as the true friends of SME’s; pro-business, pro-worker.’... Read more

SME4Labour 3rd Anniversay Gala 2018 press release

           Please find below a press release regarding SME4Labour's 3rd Anniversary Gala and Labour Excellence Awards. To book your tickets, please click here On Tuesday 18th December, SME4Labour will host its third annual Anniversary Gala and Labour Excellence Awards. SME4Labour works to strengthen the relationship between... Read more

Nia Griffith MP's Message of Support for SME4Labour 3rd Anniversary Gala

“Small businesses are the lifeblood of our towns and communities, and Labour is committed to developing and implementing policies which support them and help them to grow. SME4Labour provides a vital link to help us work together with small businesses to this end.” Read more

Nominations for the 2018 Labour Excellence Awards are now open

We are delighted to announce that nominations for the Labour Excellence Awards 2018 are now open. If you think that your local Labour MP, Cllr, GLA, Scottish Parliament or Welsh Assembly Member is deserving of recognition, why not nominate them? You can also celebrate the work of a particular Labour Friends Group,... Read more

Labour Conference: Lessons from the Fight against Fixed Odd Betting Terminals

24 September 2018 Labour Party Conference ACC Liverpool SME4Labour together with the Labour Campaign for Gambling Reform hosted a panel discussion on the lessons from the fight against fixed-odd betting terminals with Deputy Leader of the Labour Party Tom Watson, gambling campaigner Matt Zarb-Cousin and Bradford Councillor Richard Dunbar.    The... Read more

Labour Conference: Nurturing the Green Economy - In Conversation with Clive Lewis MP, Shadow Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury

25 September 2018 Labour Party Conference ACC Liverpool SME4Labour together with Labour Business and SERA hosted Shadow Treasury Minister Clive Lewis at Labour Party conference for a discussion on nurturing the green economy. The event was chaired by Polly Billington, journalist and executive member of SERA. A selection of photos... Read more

Labour Conference: Small Business Question Time with Ayesha Hazarika - Sponsored by IPSE

25 September 2018 Labour Party Conference ACC Liverpool SME4Labour collaborated with the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed to host a 'Small Business Question Time' at Labour Party Conference 2018   A selection of photos can be found here. After Ayesha Hazarika introduced the panel, the debate kicked off with a question... Read more

Labour Conference: How Labour Councils Can Support SMEs

23 September 2018 Labour Party Conference ACC Liverpool SME4Labour began party conference with a panel discussion bringing together councillors from across the country to share ideas and best practice on what local government can do to support SMEs. A selection of photos can be found here. Shadow Small Business Minister Bill... Read more

Debbie Abrahams MP's Message of Support for SME4Labour's 3rd Anniversary Gala

“SME4Labour has made a major contribution to developing and campaigning so successfully for Labour’s policies. Our small business sector is the power-house of the economy, contributing nearly half of the UK’s income in the private sector. Small businesses are critical to boosting productivity levels so for sustainable growth, we need... Read more

Clive Lewis MP's Message of Support for SME4Labour 3rd Anniversary Gala

“Our Shadow Treasury work on sustainability and the radical transformations required to decarbonise, have shown quite clearly the key role small businesses will play in this process. Agile, adaptable, innovative - they are perfectly placed to capitalise on the economic opportunities these critically important changes to our economy will require.... Read more

Baroness Hayter's Message of Support for SME4Labour 3rd Anniversary Gala

"On the eve of the UK’s planned departure from the UK, with all the risks that poses to small business, we need more than ever to hear their voices in the Labour Party. We have pledged to seek to prevent any Brexit which harms the economy, and in particular anything... Read more

Virendra Sharma's Message of Support for SME4Labour 3rd Anniversary Gala

“The impact and importance of SMEs cannot be overstated. In my constituency of Ealing, Southall and up and down the country they drive the High Street and the economy. Small and medium businesses are run by our friends and families, are their livelihoods and put food on the tables of... Read more

Toby Perkins' Message of Support for SME4Labour 3rd Anniversary Gala

"As a former small business owner myself I know the commitment, bravery and passion required to set up and run a business. That’s why Labour must listen to the business community and create an environment that supports them to survive and thrive. SME4Labour do a crucial job facilitating that and... Read more

Ruth Smeeth's Message of Support for SME4Labour 3rd Anniversary Gala

"Small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of our economy and often play a leading role in our local communities. I'm proud to stand up for SMEs in my constituency and I'm delighted to be able to support the brilliant work that SME4Labour are doing to connect our party... Read more

Thelma Walker's Message of Support for SME4Labour 3rd Anniversary Gala

''I’m pleased to support the fantastic work that SME4Labour does to further strengthen relationships between the Labour Party and SMEs. 99% of businesses in my constituency are SMEs.  They are the backbone of our economy. Labour has a clear vision for a productive and successful economy and our smaller businesses... Read more

Valerie Vaz's Message of Support for SME4Labour 3rd Anniversary Gala

“Small businesses are at the core of our communities and are the driving force behind our economy. There were 5.7 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK in 2017, accounting for over 99% of all businesses. I am delighted that SMEs are thriving in my constituency – in... Read more

Sarah Champion's Message of Support for SME4Labour 3rd Anniversary Gala

“Small and medium sized businesses are the cornerstone of our economy.  It is hugely important that they have a voice in policy development. SME4Labour provide that voice in our party and I commend their work in ensuring that the needs of SMEs across Britain are reflected in our debates and... Read more

Eleanor Smith's Message of Support for SME4Labour 3rd Anniversary Gala

"Small and medium-sized businesses play an absolutely vital role in the development of the economy. In local communities they are the lifeblood of job creation. SME’s represent 60% of all private sector employment, and 51% of all private sector turnover in the UK, so it is vital that the Labour... Read more

Jack Dromey's Message of Support for SME4Labour 3rd Anniversary Gala

“Small and medium-sized businesses, the backbone of the British economy, are an ever-growing cohort of constituents for every MP across Britain. Their needs are unique and varying depending on the nature and size of their business. Labour, the party of small and medium-sized businesses, is on their side." “As Labour... Read more

Ian Lucas' Message of Support for SME4Labour 3rd Anniversary Gala

“I ran a small business and understand its challenges and rewards. As more people earn a living this way, it is essential Labour speaks to those people even more effectively.” Ian Lucas is MP for Wrexham. Read more

Sharon Hodgson's Message of Support for SME4Labour 3rd Anniversary Gala

“SME4Labour recognises the vital part SME’s play to our economy, both locally and nationally. I’m proud to be a supporter of SME4Labour which ensures that people who work within SME’s have a voice inside and outside the Labour Party.” Sharon Hodgson is the MP for Washington and Sunderland West and Shadow... Read more

Rehana Ameer

Rehana Ameer is the first Indian-born woman elected as a Councillor in the City of London Corporation’s 950 year history. She is a Councillor for Vintry Ward. She is also the first woman politician in the UK of Tamil Nadu origin. Rehana is the founder and Director of Prosap Corporation Limited in London. She possesses... Read more

Simon Lydiard

Simon Lydiard is a former senior civil servant, with a 38 year career spanning several government departments and specialisms.He joined the civil service at the most junior grade and worked his way up, attaining senior civil service rank eight years before he left. Having started as a general administrator, Simon worked... Read more

Emma Barnes

Emma Barnes is the founder of handmade jewellery brand Wild Fawn Jewellery. Emma set up Wild Fawn in January 2015 whilst working full time as a statistician in the Department of Education. 10 months later, Emma left the Department to work on Wild Fawn Jewellery full time and has been working on... Read more

Hamish Sanderson

Hamish Sandison chairs Labour Business. He is a consultant with the international law firm Fieldfisher, specialising in IT law, intellectual property and public procurement. He is dual-qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales, and as a US attorney. Hamish has been a member of the Executive Committee of the Labour Business... Read more

Mark Glover

Mark founded Newington Communications in 2006, and has overseen its growth into the dynamic and award winning consultancy that it is today. He splits his time between Newington’s London and Edinburgh offices – offering strategic counsel to board directors across a range of sectors at a local, devolved and national government... Read more

Philip Ross

Philip was one of the founding members of the IPSE in 1999 and served on its first board as External Affairs Director.He undertook the role of lobbying government and helping to deal with the media. Later, on IPSE's behalf, he joined the Home Office’s skills panel and helped to successfully... Read more

Simon McVicker

Simon is the Director of Policy at the The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE).Simon has led IPSE's Department of Policy and Public Affairs for four years, during which time he has strengthened the organisation's links with politicians and other key influencers. He has more than 25 years'... Read more

Hannah Reed

Hannah Reed is Senior Employment Rights Officer in the Economic and Social Affairs Department at the TUC where she works on policy and campaigns on collective and individual rights.Recent policy areas have included insecure work and co-ordinating TUC submissions to the Taylor Review of Employment Practices and the BEIS Committee Inquiry into the Future... Read more

Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor has been Chief Executive of the RSA (Royal Society of Arts) since November 2006.During this time the Society has substantially increased its output of research and innovation, has provided new routes to support charitable initiatives of its 28,000 Fellows – including crowd funding - and has developed a global profile... Read more

Martin McTague

Martin McTague is a graduate engineer and formed his first company in 1987. Since then he has owned and managed several businesses focused on developing new technology and exploiting market opportunities in the Far East and USA. He has been a member of the FSB for 19 years and in that time... Read more

Tom Watson MP

Tom Watson is Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and MP for West Bromwich East. Tom worked in the trade union movement until 2001, when he was elected Labour MP for West Bromwich East. Tom served as a Minister for Tony Blair and worked at the heart of Downing Street with Gordon Brown. He was elected as... Read more

Aliur Rahman

Sheikh Aliur Rahman is the Chief Executive of the London Tea Exchange, one of the leading rare and luxury tea merchants in Europe. Prior to joining the London Tea Exchange he worked for a leading investment companies in the City and has extensive senior management experience. He still acts as... Read more

Guy Nicholson

Guy Nicholson is Chair of Newable Group Ltd a leading provider of responsible finance that invests, lends, advises and provides work spaces for smaller businesses at the heart of the UK economy. Guy was Chairman of the City Fringe Partnership, a ground-breaking public and private sector alliance between City Hall,... Read more

Duncan Enright

Duncan Enright has spent his career in the field of academic and professional publishing, and currently runs his own specialist knowledge firm called Evidence-based Networks providing knowledge services and leadership development, particularly digital transformation and use of decision support. He is leader of the Labour Group on West Oxfordshire District.... Read more

Paul Dimoldenberg

Paul Dimoldenberg is Chairman of Quatro Public Relations who have offices in London, Sheffield and Cardiff and provide advice and consultancy on property, infrastructure planning and campaigns. Paul was first elected as a Westminster City Councillor in 1982 and was Leader of the Opposition for 14 years. He led the... Read more

Douglas J Henderson

Douglas J Henderson is Director of Ossian Services Limited, Partner of Harley Street Hearing and Director of North West Hearing. He was a Member for Parliament for Newcastle North between 1987 -2010, European Minister and Armed Forces Minister (1997- 1999) and Opposition spokesperson on Trade and Industry, Local Government, Deputy Shadow Leader of... Read more

Friends of Durham Miners' Gala Fundraising Dinner

SME4Labour hosted a fundraising dinner for the Friends of Durham Miners’ Gala at Troia Restaurant on Wednesday, 9th May 2018. The lively dinner attended by many activists, Labour members of parliament and trade unions has raised £5000 which will go directly to supporting Durham Miners Gala (the Big Meeting). Co-Chairman of... Read more

Ali Gul Ozbek

Ali Gul Ozbek owns a small business and was Haringey's first Kurdish Alevi decent Mayor in 2016-2017. He was a Councillor between 2014 and 2018. He is an active member of the Labour Party.  Read more

Callum Anderson

Callum Anderson is an experienced public policy professional; he is currently a policy adviser at the Quoted Companies Alliance - an independent membership body championing the interests of small and mid-size quoted companies. He has also worked for an EU institution, specialising in financial services regulation, as well as in... Read more

Jose Joseph

Jose Joseph has been a trader in Surrey Street Market for nine years. He is an ethnic minority officer for Croydon Central Labour Party and he raises issues that small businesses face in Croydon.    Read more

Shahin Rahman

Shahin Rahman is self-employed and has been a member of the Labour Party for over 15 years. He was a fundraising officer for the Hampstead and Kilburn CLP. Shahin is currently a membership secretary for West Hampstead branch. He is very outgoing and very active within the community. Read more

Local Elections 2018 and SMEs

SME4Labour held a public forum on the Local Elections 2018 in Jubilee Room of the Houses of Parliament on Monday, 30th April 2018. The keynote speakers were Shadow Minister for Industrial Strategy Chi Onwurah MP, Shadow Minister for Business Bill Esterson MP, Thelma Walker MP for Colne Valley and Sonny... Read more

Martyn Davis

Martyn Davis has been involved in education consultancy for fourteen years. Predominately, he works in the further and higher education sectors within the UK, and a number of charities developing education overseas. The majority of the work in the UK is involving quality improvement and working within the educational tribunal... Read more

Simon Lydiard MA FRSA

Simon Lydiard is a former senior civil servant, and was a government SME Champion. Since leaving the civil service, he has become a partner in a consultancy company, and led a review of small business procurement for the government. Simon has been awarded Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Procurement... Read more

Mark Glover

Mark Glover is Chief Executive, Newington and Managing Director, SEC Group. Founder of Newington in 2006, Mark leads the award-winning, top ten, consultancy and sits on parent company SEC's Board. Newington has offices in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Chelmsford, SEC supplements this with offices across Europe and Latin America.... Read more

SME4Labour AGM 2018

On Tuesday the 18th of April, SME4Labour held its Annual General Meeting in Committee Room 6 of the Houses of Parliament.The evening began with a brief introduction from the char and member of SME4Labour's executive committee Rehana Ameer. This was followed by remarks from Shadow Pensions Minister Jack Dromey MP,... Read more

Doing Buisness with Government – A Vision for Labour

Simon Lydiard, a former Senior Civil Servant, offers some thoughts on his experience in government and developing a distinctive Labour vision for government business with SMEs.In 2010, when the Coalition Government was formed, I was a Senior Civil Servant at the Department for Transport and responsible for procurement strategy across... Read more

Read Co-Chair Ibrahim Dogus' speech at SME4Labour's 2nd Annual Parliamentary Reception (2018)

Distinguished Members of Parliament, distinguished Members of the House of Lords, colleagues, friends. Thank you for joining us at this SME4Labour Parliamentary Reception.My name is Ibrahim Dogus, and I am the co-founder of SME4Labour. I am a small business owner. I am a community activist. I am a proud member... Read more

SME4Labour's 2nd Annual Parliamentary Reception (2018)

On Monday the 5th of March 2018, SME4Labour held its 2nd annual parliamentary reception in the Jubilee Room of the Palace of Westminster. A selection of photos from the evening can be found here. SME4Labour works to bring together small business owners and the self-employed with members of the party at... Read more

Carolyn Harris MP is LCGR's Inaugural Chair

SME4Labour is delighted to announce Carolyn Harris MP as Labour Campaign for Gambling Reform's (LCGR) inaugural chairwoman. As those of you at the launch of the LCGR on 6th December 2017 undoubtedly attest, Carolyn is one of the most passionate and eloquent advocates on the need for gambling reform, as... Read more

Rehana Ameer

Rehana Ameer is the first Indian born woman elected as a Councillor in the City of London Corporation’s 950 years of history. She is the Councillor of Vintry Ward.  She is also the first woman politician in the UK of Tamil Nadu origin. Rehana is an active member of the... Read more

2nd SME4Labour Gala and Labour Excellence Awards

Held at the Park Lane Sheraton Hotel in Piccadilly, the event was attended by over 400 guest. This included over 60 Labour MPs and peers, including several members of the shadow cabinet. They were joined by mayors, local councillors and other members of the Labour family, alongside trade union leaders... Read more

Read Co-Chairman Sonny Leong's speech at the SME4Labour Annual Gala and Labour Excellence Awards

  Friends, thank you so much for coming tonight. It is wonderful to be with you. So – how has your 2017 been?! Quiet? Relaxed? Or have you, like me, been taking your social media feed intravenously for that constant hit of news? What. A. Year. So I hope that, while... Read more

Labour Excellence Awards Winners 2017

 See photos of the winners here.   Labour PPC of the Year Award Sophie Cook   Labour Parliamentary Assistant of the Year Calum Mulligan, PA for Stephen Kinnock MP   Socialist Society of the Year SERA - Labour's Environment Campaign   Friends Group of the Year Sikhs for Labour  ... Read more

Read Co-Chairman Ibrahim Dogus' speech at the SME4Labour Annual Gala and Labour Excellence Awards

My Lords, ladies and gentlemen, Members of Parliament, distinguished representatives of the media, friends from the trade unions, and from businesses, fellow Labour supporters. Welcome to the Park Lane Sheraton Hotel, and to the SME4Labour Gala Dinner. My name is Ibrahim Dogus, and I am the co-founder of SME4Labour. I am... Read more

Tom Watson's Message

"Small businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy and SME4Labour has acted as a powerful advocate on their behalf since it was established two years ago. The support and advice it gives to the party is hugely valued by MPs and policymakers. Most people work in small and medium... Read more

Lord Murphy's Message

"SME4Labour is a fine organisation which recognises the importance of small and medium sized businesses for the economic well being of our country."Lord Murphy of Torfaen Read more

Bill Esterson's Message

“SMEs are responsible for 60% of private sector jobs. Smaller businesses are often the source of the innovation and creativity which we need to unlock to boost our productivity and growth. Labour’s plans for a National Investment Bank, access to government contracts and making sure larger firms pay their suppliers... Read more

Jeremy Corbyn's Message

"SME4 Labour provides small businesses with a way to have their voices heard, which are too often drowned out by larger companies and corporations. I’d like to thank and congratulate my colleagues in the SME4 Labour team for their contribution to an economic policy that works for the many, not... Read more

John McDonnell's Message

“I wish to thank SME4Labour for the major contribution the group has made to developing and campaigning so successfully for Labour’s policies. SME4Labour has really made its’ mark on our political direction.”John McDonnell is the MP for Hayes and Harlington and Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer Read more

Maria Eagle's Message

"Whilst small businesses contribute to job creation and economic activity locally, they rarely have the time or space to get involved in formulating public policy – SME4Labour can enable a two way flow of information and understanding ensuring that Labour policy takes account of the needs of this vital sector... Read more

Eleanor Smith's Message

"Small and medium-sized businesses play an absolutely vital role in the development of the economy, but they need organisations that can speak out for them because they don't have the influence that larger companies can employ. SME4Labour plays a vital role in ensuring their voices are heard, both inside and outside of... Read more

Beating the Tories on Business – How Labour Can Win the Battle for SME Hearts and Minds Again

21st November 2017 – SME4Labour held a roundtable discussion in Parliament about how the Labour Party can beat the Tories on business and re-establish itself as the party of - and for - small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners and workers. The session was kindly hosted by Jack Dromey MP,... Read more

Lord Blunkett's Message

"SMEs are of vital importance to local communities and to the wider economy, not least in job creation. It is essential that SMEs have a Labour Party that listens and stands up for them. That is what we are doing as a party, and SME4Labour has played an important role in... Read more

Iain McNicol's Message

“SME4Labour provides a brilliant and worthwhile link between small businesses and the Labour Party. Small and medium-sized enterprises employ the vast majority of the working people we seek to represent, and the work SME4Labour does in advancing that cause is highly valued by us all. "I’d like to congratulate the... Read more

Virendra Sharma's Message

"I would like to convey my support for the second SME4Labour gala. The gala and awards are  important in recognising the key role that SMEs play in the economy and in driving growth. In my constituency SMEs are the lifeblood of the local economy, and raising awareness of SME issues within... Read more

Peter Dowd's Message

“SMEs are vital in growing a sustainable economy and SME4Labour pays a crucial role in that goal. Hearing what SME4Labour have to say on this is important in shaping Labour's economic position.”Peter Dowd is MP for Bootle and Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Read more

Lesley Laird's Message

"From Kirkcaldy to Kelty and Cowdenbeath to Crosshill, SMEs are the backbone and heartbeat of the Scottish economy. In Scotland, SMEs account for 99.4% of all businesses, 55% of private sector employment and 40% of private sector turnover. It is for this reason that I am delighted to see so... Read more

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