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    In two months time we have the opportunity to elect a Labour Mayor of London for the first time in eight years. This is an important time for the business community as the economy suffers from uncertainty and international pressures. It is also a critical time for the many communities of London in which small businesses are struggling to survive amid high rents and growing competition. We need a mayor […]

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    15.2 million people employed by SME’s

    If Labour is to make inroads in the coming years, we must reinforce Labour’s position as the obvious party for those of us who are self –employed, own and run small and medium sized businesses. There is no doubt that the British businesses, both large and small, are vital to the future success of our country. But we know that in today’s tough economic climate many face significant challenges as they seek […]

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    Defiant Cooper rallies supporters at SME4Labour dinner

    LONDON – This week, Yvette Cooper MP and her supporters gathered in North London as the Labour leadership election enters its final phrase. MPs, volunteers and non-party members were among guests attending the fundraising dinner hosted by SME4Labour, a new group within the Labour Party promoting small and medium sized businesses within the Party. Rallying her supporters as the three-month-long campaign approaches an end, Yvette Cooper insisted that ‘there is still everything […]

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    Labour Business Relations

    British businesses, both large and small, are vital to the future success of our country. But we know that in today’s tough economic climate many face significant challenges as they seek to expand and develop.One Nation Labour is determined to recognise and support enterprise so we can modernise and reform our economy to create the jobs and growth the UK needs. And we want to hear from business about how […]

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    Miliband outlines Labour’s plans for small business

    Ed Miliband has today outlined Labour’s plan for small businesses, which he says are suffering due to rising costs and a shortage of skills. The Labour leader said that the party would make small business a key part of plans; he said, in particular, they would set up a Small Business Administration – to protect the interests of small businesses Miliband made these comment as a speech to the Federation […]

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    Enabling Welsh SME Growth, Boosting International Trade Opportunities

    There can be no doubt that these are tough times for the Welsh economy. The poor performance of the global economy and the problems of the Eurozone have inevitably affected our economic prospects. The main influences on the Welsh economy in the short-to-medium-term are the state of the global economy and the monetary and fiscal policy set by the UK Government. The Welsh Government has made clear that the UK […]

  • Auto Enrolment Needs Strong Regulation and Putting Savers First

    The UK is in the midst of an occupational pensions revolution as 10 million people are automatically enrolled in a workplace pension for the first time. Labour started this revolution. The last Government was the author of auto-enrolment and began the process of exposing rip off pension charges by introducing both stakeholder pensions and the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST), a low cost not-for-profit independent pension provider. Auto-enrolment is underway […]

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    Boosting Local SME Sector and Jobs Growth

    The most important issue in Aberconwy, like much of the rest of the country is jobs and the economy.  The latest estimate is that there are 3,400 people in the constituency looking for work. Last year in his conference speech Ed Miliband talked about changing our economy to support producers and tackle predators. A key component of this is allowing small and micro businesses to compete on a level playing […]

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    Nurturing Spontaneous Innovation at Cambridge Knowledge Cluster

    At 9.30 am we jumped into taxis outside Cambridge station and headed to Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group or MADG ( Marshall ADG is still innovating today, playing a central role in the Cambridge community, while exporting its services all over the globe. We were welcomed by CEO Steve Fitz-Gerald and MD Nick Whitney and given a brief on MADG today, which included a discussion about the huge value of […]

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    Labour in Tune with Small Business Aspiration

    LFIG had the enviable problem of having a room that was too small for their fringe meeting on small business at the Labour Party conference. It was standing room only as sixty plus people packed into the room to hear the full Labour panel answering questions on “An Enterprising Nation : How Labour can deliver for small business, freelancers and the self-employed”. The panel was chaired by Philip Ross and […]

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